What is Retail in Detail / Strategic Pricing?

Over the last 30 years, our retail market has undergone a revolution — from fixed prices to prices that are completely "liquid". Almost two thirds of the revenue is realized through promotional prices with a discount often not based on logic. We are witnessing a price chaos where the producers and retailers are unnecessarily losing their margins without the consumers realizing the value they are getting.

The price as the elementary number on the market has stopped working in our country. It is high time to return the strategic role to the price and start doing pricing intelligently.

At this point, there are enough experts on the market, and there are real experiences with implementations of their solutions. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss strategic pricing in detail and in concepts, which is why we have prepared another conference from the Retail in Detail series.

Who is the audience?

  • Retailers and e-commerce retailers
  • Suppliers (manufactures, distributor)
  • Technologies and services providers for retail
  • Consultants, researchers and media

    Our attendants come from: